Industries We Serve

Aerospace and Defense: Aircraft, airplane, helicopter, wing, propeller, engines, propulsion units, missiles, space craft, rocket, satellite, probes, military arms, tanks, military vehicles, Humvees. We are Boeing certified!

Art, Cultural, and Creative: Fine art, painting, drawing, print making, architecture, still and kinetic sculpture, ceramic, mosaic, marble, music, piano, film, theater, festival art installations, mural, area design, lighting, LED display. Museums, auction houses, galleries, and private artists welcome!

Automotive and Marine: Automobile, truck, bus, boat, marine, motorcycle, bicycle, moped, scooter, ATV, trailer, camper, ambulance, glass, motor, engine, pump, rotor, propeller, classic body frame, new body frame, tires, wheels, gear, seats.

Alternative and Renewable Energy: Solar, sun, wind, river, ocean, waves, hydroelectric, hot spring, geothermal, tides, tidal, biomass, biofuel, nuclear, lithium battery, panels, turbine, energy conversion, clean energy.

High Value Equipment: IT, information technology, computer, hardware, server rack, robotics, AI, artificial intelligence, radio, video, broadcasting equipment, TVs, LCD, plasma, tablets, charging stations, gaming, game development, virtual reality, network, technology.

Manufacturing: Steel, metal, textile, chemical, automotive, electronic, engineering, food & beverage, oil and gas, consumer goods

Packaging Machinery: Fabrication, cleaning, filling, sealing, combining, labeling, overwrapping, palletizing, cartoning, capping line, bottling line, conveyor, assembly line, disassembly, reassembly, machinery, equipment.

Pharmaceutical: Medical device, mixer, blender, mill, wet and dry granulators, coaters, tablet presses, capsule fillers, discovery, development, production, distribution, healthcare.

Sensitive Lab Equipment: X-ray, MRI, CT scan, catheterization laboratory, cath lab, incubator, balance, oven, centrifuge, analyzer, disinfectant, ventilator, ceiling mounted lighting.

Rail Transport: Standard rail, rail road, locomotive, above and below ground, light rail, subway, high speed, hyper high speed, freight car, trolley, fuel cell, emission free, refurbished or repaired components, heating and cooling unit, EMS, VMS, battery charger, AUX converter, poles

Retail Advertising: Furniture, table, seating, fixtures, floor display, glass, vitrine, lightbox display, mannequin, stand, mall display case, kiosk, holiday, sign, signage, illuminated, LED, blacklight, metal, steel, store front, showroom, interior, sidewalk bridge wrap, window graphic, architectural hardware, trade show, exhibit, booth

Utilities Sector: Public, private, electricity, natural gas, oil, coal, petroleum, water treatment, refining, gas processing, telephone, cable, 5G, transformer, electrical cabinets, generators, infrastructure