Tri-State Crating offers a wide variety of products to meet your shipping needs. Here is what we will to take into consideration to design what you need: Dimension & weight of product, pick up & delivery location, how is it shipping (via truck, plane, ship, rail) as well as will it be one time use or reusable? We will work with you and your associates to make sure it’s exactly what you’re looking for.

Boxes, Crates, Cases

All wooden boxes and crates can be delivered to you assembled or knocked down, made for domestic or export use. All can be painted, stenciled, bar coded, and/or silk screened. We can make it for one time use or fully reusable. We can also add custom foam, bracing, saddles, waterproof paper, vacuum sealing, whatever you may need to make sure your item arrives at the destination safely. We can even add hardware so there are no tools necessary to open or close the crate!

Pallets, Bases, Skids

All wooden pallets, bases, and skids can be made for domestic or international export. All can be painted, stenciled, and/or bar coded. We can make it for one time use or reusable. This is an affordable option for shipping when full crating is not required. They are also great to move product inside your warehouse or use them for storage.

Other: Fiber Trunk Case, Packaging Materials, Crate Accessories

With all our custom crates and boxes, we can offer you a large variety of packaging materials and accessories to assure customer satisfaction and safe shipment of your cargo.